Degenerative Spine Conditions (spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease) – Conservative

Herniated Disc


A herniated disc is a condition where the disc protrudes out of its usual space between two vertebrae. Herniated discs can place direct pressure on the structures in close proximity i.e. nerves, however they can also cause pain as the body releases chemicals which eventually shrink the disc. These chemicals are often quite irritating however ultimately they are part of the process which shrinks the disc away from the nerve.

Therapist Credentials

Your therapist should have experience both in helping you alleviate the pain from the acute pain and dysfunction, as well as providing rehabilitation strategies to manage the entire spectrum of recovery. Manual therapy, pain relieving modalities and understanding of specific exercises to restore spinal support are critical to your short term recovery and long term health. Your therapist should understand the indications for surgery and/or imaging.

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