The mandate of the Spine Therapy Network is to provide education which promotes inter-professional communication and collaboration. Education initiatives are evidence based, reflect best practices and improve the assessment and treatment of the degenerative, rheumatological, oncological and/or neurological spine patient.


To achieve this mandate STN education offerings should strive to:

  1. Include presenters/educators from more than one discipline in each session
  2. Promote evidence-based approaches and best practices
  3. Reflect one or more of the following domains of spine care: (a) Degenerative spine care; (b) Neurological spine care; (c) Rheumatological spine care; (d) Oncological spine care


Other spine domains as identified:

  1. Include diagnosis, assessment and conservative as well as interventional treatment perspectives
  2. Strive to enhance interprofessional dialogue and/or awareness of options and indications for treatment.
  3. Include as broad as possible of audience within our key stakeholder groups – physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians, surgeons.



Educational offerings may include:
1. Annual or biennial symposia
2. Workshops
3. Webinars or other media
4. Certifications

Education Committee Members

Maureen Dwight, Chair – (Bio)
Dr. Carlan Stants  –  (Bio)
Dr. Richard Gladstone
Angela Sarro RN, MN – (Bio)
Dr.James Milligan – (Bio)
Dr. Vladimir Djuric – (Bio
Laura Passalent – (Bio)
S. Kalsi-Ryan  –  (Bio)