What is the Spine Therapy Network?

The Spine Therapy Network (STN) is a virtual network of therapists with expertise and advanced skills in the care of the spine. STN is a virtual knowledge platform for patients, health care providers who specialize in the care of patients with spine pathologies.

Who are our Members?

All Spine Therapy Network members are regulated health professionals who have advanced credentials in conservative spine care that are recognized by several highly regarded governing bodies.
STN has identified both National and International governing bodies that have high standards in providing the education and certification necessary to ensure exceptional spinal care. In the therapeutic community, these specific certifications are recognized as indicators of Therapists who have advanced diagnostic skills and clinical treatment skills.

Why Become a Member of the Spine Therapy Network?

  • Enhanced Care for Spinal Patients
    • Drive better outcomes for your patients.
    • Improve the public’s and physician’s awareness of better care options for their spinal patients.
    • Facilitate enhanced communication with referring practitioners.
  • Increase Financial Remuneration
    • Be rewarded by increased recognition from the public and the referral community of your exceptional skill-sets and extensive spinal care knowledge.
  • Help Drive the Future
    • Further enhance your education in the treatment of spinal patients.
    • Be instrumental in driving spinal care protocols worldwide.
    • Be a leader in developing the recognition for spinal care specialists in the rehabilitation community.
    • Participate in inter-professional research
    • Be recognized for your expertise in spinal treatment.
  • Be Part of an Inter-professional and Cross-Disciplinary Network
    • Be involved in a network of exceptional interdisciplinary spinal care therapists i.e. neurology, degenerative, rheumatology, oncology etc.

Membership Levels

There are two levels of membership available for Spine therapists.

Full Membership

This level consists of therapists who are recognized as an Advanced Spinal Therapist.

  • Benefits of Full Membership include:
    • Endorsement by the STN Scientific Advisory Council
    • Listing on the STN database
    • Direct referrals from the STN database
    • Specific promotion of expertise to the Scientific Advisory Council & Public
    • Enhanced communication with the referral community through the STN database
    • Involvement in conferences, education sessions and posting on the STN website
    • Teaching opportunities within the STN community
    • Recognition of leadership in the spine care community
    • Recognition of clinical expertise by the public and referring community
    • Reduced cost of conferences and education sessions
    • Access to the members only side of the website
    • Voting privileges

Affiliate Membership

This level consists of therapists who are:

-Working towards advanced spinal practitioner levels

-Primarily in academic practice

-Primarily in public practice

-Want to stay up to date with best practices in spinal therapy

  • Benefits of Affiliate Membership include:
    • Access to members side of the website
    • Reduced cost of conferences and education sessions
    • Listing on website as an affiliate member
    • Recognition of involvement in the spine care community

How to Become a Member of the Spine Therapy Network?

Complete an application and submit online
  • Provide a bio(1) with salient points demonstrating your expertise as a spinal therapist
  • Submit proof of certification by the designating organization and regulatory body health practitioner registration
  • Submit an application fee of $125 (refundable less a $25 administration fee if you are not accepted for membership).

Fees (2)

Full Membership: $65/month [Less your symposium fee if you join this year]
No fees until May 31st, 2018

Affiliate Membership: $33/month [Less 1/2 your symposium fee if you join this year] No fees until May 31st, 2018

  1. If you are accepted this information will be used to form your bio on the website.
  2. as of Feb. 19, 2016