Helping you find the right therapist for your patient’s condition

One of the foundations of the Spine Therapy Network (STN) is our commitment in helping you find a therapist with the appropriate knowledge and skill-sets for your patient’s condition. Once a therapist has met the standard of credentialing required by the STN they complete a list of the spine conditions they have experience in treating. As each therapist is a member of a regulated health profession the provision of this information is held accountable by their professional licensing body [1].

When a spine condition is rare or if there is limited expertise in your patient’s community related to their condition your patient may still benefit from seeing one of STN’s therapists. One of the factors prompting the formation of a cross-disciplinary Spine Therapy Network (STN) is the recognition that there are commonalities within many of the spine pathologies. Exceptional levels of training, combined with interprofessional education allow our therapists’ the opportunity to develop the knowledge needed to extend their scope and provide treatment for a broader range of spine conditions. For example a therapist primarily trained in orthopaedic/degenerative conditions can leverage their knowledge and connections within the STN to develop an expertise in other areas such as rheumatological, neurological and/or oncological spine conditions.

If your patient lives in a less-serviced community they may still benefit from an assessment to develop a consulting relationship with one of STN’s therapists. Many conditions can be managed with advice and direction that can be completed independently. The STN therapist can put together a program that maximizes benefit while minimizing the frequency of travel to receive therapy. If additional treatment is needed the STN therapist can help to identify the skillsets required when selecting a more local therapist.

STN recognizes that each therapist has a unique practice and will have areas of knowledge more specific to their area of expertise. We recommend that prior to your patient making an appointment that you review the areas of expertise listed in the therapists’ bio and/or to speak with the therapist to determine if they have the skills and expertise to address your patient’s problem.