Non Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury


A non traumatic spinal cord injury occurs when there is pressure on the spinal cord from a non-injury source such as a tumour or degenerative changes. Typically this pathology occurs slowly and over time. The deficit often starts out as pain in the spine or limbs and progresses to decreased strength and sensation. As it continues you may experience difficulty with everyday functions such as poor hand coordination, unsteady balance and difficulty walking.



Therapist Credentials

Your therapist should have experience in treating patients with general spinal problems of pain and back weakness as well as neurological deficit. Your therapist should be able to retrain postural control and balance, sitting, reaching, standing and walking.

To find therapists with expertise in the treatment of non traumatic spinal cord injury or myelopathy and neurological deficits related to spinal cord dysfunction, go to the Therapist Search page and follow the instructions to search for an STN member in your local area.

·    Degnerative Myelopathy