Spinal Surgery Recovery


Spinal surgery may be required for degenerative changes, developmental issues, disease or trauma. There are many different types of surgery and each one has specific differences that can impact on rehabilitation decisions.

Therapist Credentials

The Spine Therapy Network recognizes that pre and post-surgical rehabilitation requires special knowledge. Surgery can involve instrumentation and each type of surgery has specific considerations for rehabilitation. Your STN therapist has committed to the rehabilitation of pre and post- surgical procedures though their education, understanding of recovery protocols and previous experience treating post-surgical conditions.

To find therapists with expertise in the treatment of the conditions listed below, go to the Therapist Search page and follow the instructions to search for an STN member in your local area.

·         Spinal foraminotomy and laminotomy

·         Spinal fusion

·         Discectomy

·         Instrumented scoliosis

·         Post-operative spinal tumors

·         Post-operative spinal cord injury (paraplegia, quadriplegia)