The Spine Therapy Network is a virtual network of therapists with expertise and advanced skills in the care of the spine.

  • Connecting the patient with practitioners with recognized advanced spinal care skill sets.
  • Providing education and resources around optimal strategies for both the patient and the professional in the care of spinal pain, injury and nerve damage.
  • Advancing the knowledge of the spinal care community.

Spine Therapy Network is a virtual knowledge platform for patients, health care providers who specialize in the care of patients with spine pathologies.

Who is this website for?

This website connects four stakeholders interested in the conservative management of the spine.

  • Consumers (public): Those seeking more knowledge and guidance around care for their spine problems.
  • Health Care Providers: Those who would like to identify therapists with advanced skill-sets in spinal care and know where to send their patients for high-level, conservative management specific to their condition.
  • Individual Care Providers: Those who offer specialized services to those with spine pathology.
  • Spine Care Specialists: Those who are interested in assisting the advancement of exceptional conservative spinal care.

Why do we have a Spine Therapy Network?

The Spine Therapy Network (STN) believes that individuals with spine pain, injury and/or nerve damage require specialized therapeutic skill sets to maximize their recovery.

Spinal Care Requires Expertise and Specialization

Spine care is recognized by many areas within the medical community as a sub-specialty. There are spine care specialists in physiatry and spinal surgeons in neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery, however, this same designation does not exist in the field of rehabilitation.

Spine therapy is often more complex and STN believes that therapists require specific knowledge, education and experience to appropriately and adequately provide conservative intervention.

STN believes that therapists require specific knowledge, education and experience to appropriately and adequately provide conservative intervention.

Many Therapists have Advanced Training in Spinal Care

Much of the knowledge therapists require to become advanced spinal practitioners is acquired through post graduate education. Many therapists have achieved extensive experience and expertise in a specific area of spinal treatment however this advanced level of training is largely unknown to other health care practitioners and the public. The Spine Therapy Network recognizes that this low level of awareness is a barrier to finding these practitioners and to receiving optimal care.

The Spine Therapy Network Identifies Advanced Spinal Care Therapists

Many Therapists have dedicated their career to obtaining an advanced level of expertise and providing high level care for these conditions. Before the formation of the Spine Therapy Network it has been a challenge to identify these practitioners. The various organizations that provide these certifications and training are well-known in the therapeutic community but this awareness is limited outside of these communities. This virtual network identifies the advanced training these therapists have completed in the area of spinal care and brings this information to a broader audience

The Spine Therapy Network Advances Spinal Care

The Spine Therapy Network connects practitioners who have a shared goal of improving spinal care. We offer educational opportunities for spinal practitioners to elevate the level of practice and expand the services our members are able to provide. These opportunities are overseen by our internationally recognized Scientific Advisory Council which includes world renowned spinal surgeons, physiatrists, academics and representative members of therapist’s spine organizations.